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January 06, 2009

2009 is here to stay...

A new year, yay!  It has been a good start so far.  I was interviewed for LX magazine,   
It is a new magazine out of South Dakota.  Funny because they appear to be pretty ultra hip, says this New Yorker.  Their first issue was in my Glaad auction goodie bag. Impressed with the quality of the magazine, I sent most everyone on staff my holiday postcard. They all looked at my site and loved it enough to put me in their next issue.  

If you are in Brooklyn, NY, please stop by Metaphor Contemporary Arts on Atlantic Ave before Jan. 29th.  I have three pieces up in the group show, mine are behind the reception desk.  They make that wall pop....

Now I am waiting on Sweetriot candy tins to come out with three of my paintings on them. They will be for sale at such stores as Balducci's, Fairway, Zabars, Whole Foods, and Gourmet Garage.   Can not wait to see how they turn out.

And lastly, but just as important, is that my oil painting "Fertility Goddess" is on the cover of a new Anthology out.   

(M)othering the Nation Constructing and Resisting Natl. Allegories through the Maternal Body.  
I know you can purchase it on, but it is like the price of a college text book.  Women from around the world submitted papers.  I look forward to getting my copy and become enlightened.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the thrills of starting over again in the new year.  Be good to yourself and others will follow.  (what the ...?)