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March 05, 2012

Last panel has been installed. Time to celebrate!

Platform Reception Date:

Saturday, May 19th, 2012, from 1-3pm

Vast (Creature)

My quest for exploration lies within the fantastical universe within our seas.

As a teenager, I had my first scuba diving adventure. My father had a friend who was an underwater photographer. For a week, we lived on a sailboat in the Virgin Islands and dove shipwrecks twice a day. I will never forget how completely taken I was by the variety and vibrancy of life living just beneath the surface.

I became a Rockaway Artist Alliance member before I moved to Brooklyn. I had a friend in Carroll Gardens who really wanted a sticker for her car to be able to park at Fort Tilden without getting a ticket. She brought me to meetings in exchange for this sticker. Fort Tilden offered a very dynamic community rich in art, theatre and gardening. It contained an aura of a place where magical happenings were inspired, and creative souls are celebrated.

Both of my parents were raised in Brooklyn. They were already familiar with the magic the sea offered to the beachcomber. My dad would capture all types of creatures from the ocean and put them in his fish tank for observation. They instilled this love of nature into their four children. That love is very evident in my artwork.