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March 20, 2011

The Home Design Show at Pier 94

The HomeDesign show in NYC this weekend was very impressive. I had never been before and was quite taken by how many artists were present, showing their art, and trying to get the attention of designers. A few of my fav's were James Kenndy and Jedeiah Morfit, shown below.

Jedediah Morfit
James Kennedy
They started a new venture this year, "the artist project", showing 130 artists which they put in a unique area above the ground floor. I spoke to one of the artists about what it took to get in, how much it cost, and what he hoped to get out of the show. It cost a lot of money for an artist, for a four day show. He was hoping to get noticed by design professionals. His collection of photographed, then painted flowers, would look great in any hotel lobby, large, colorful and glossy.

The show was fun, except that, like any fancy show with the best in everything, you wanted to make numerous purchases at outrageous prices. I stayed focused on observing presentation by artists, and what worked best. Surrounded by creativity and great talent, I wondered if I could ever partake in such a venue. It would consist of four days of continuous selling of yourself. Some artists are not cut out to sell their own work, but until you get yourself a sales team, this is one way to do it.

March 18, 2011

Callie Art ~ Wallet Designs...

I have been wanting to break into textile design for some time. I spent hours each evening playing in photoshop trying to reformulate my paintings into designs for clothing, notebook covers and cards. My first attempt at breaking into the business was puzzle makers. I did hear back from one company, athough they were impressed by my work, it did not suite there needs. I decided to work on product itself, see how one of a kinds go. Above is a sample of my wallet paintings.

Sale options are: I can post them on (a craft persons on-line flea market of sorts), or sell through a local store in Brooklyn that specializes in "one-of-a-kind items", but would have to pay a 50% commission vs handling the sales myself. I think the benefit of selling through a store is that you can build a following and really gauge how your work is received. But by selling on-line you reach a much larger audience, and keep the full selling price minus shipping and tax. The answer is, try both and see which one works! Callie

March 05, 2011

A.I.R Gallery 9th Biennial Exhibition

What a wonderful reception! The show is pretty visually exciting. You can see pictures from the reception on my website:

show dates: March 2 - March 27, 2011

Three paintings from my Tree Series have been chosen to be included in the show.

Curated by Alexandra Schwartz, MoMA

at: AIR Gallery / 111 Front Street, 228 / Brooklyn, NY 11201 / 212-255-6651 /