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July 05, 2009

I-Park Artist Enclave 2009

Wow, this is the most wonderful artist residency!  They take such great care of the artists and I met such creative people from around the world.  The environmental artists make the 300 acre walk chock full of wonder and amazement.  I was given my own studio to create in and it had a gas fireplace and a/c unit.  All creature comforts were afforded us, as well as the creatures themselves filling the night air with a full chorus of calls.  Close to the Long Island Sound and to a nearby waterfall, this place was magical in so many aspects.  My favorite part was the artists I met.  Sharing a house, meals and our art was a really beautiful experience.

The work I created there can be viewed on my website:
I ended up selling two of my new creations, one to a fellow artist from the Netherlands, the other to a "friend of I-Park".  I can not speak enough about what a simply fantastic time I had during my two week stay.  I will truly miss my new friends!