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January 11, 2013

Artist Residencies

An adventure like no other.

It is a huge thrill to be accepted into an artist residency.  The competition is fierce and getting out of work to spend a month creating art full-time is no easy feat to accomplish.  But is it worth  a shot, if accepted, it will add to your life's experiences.

An artist residency is a truly wonderful way to meet other artists with like minded creative vision and passion.  I wish I can spend my life going to them.  Always a challenge in one way or another, and you walk away with life experiences that you could not have anticipated.

That is me with the founder/director, Beata Szechy.

The Hungarian Multicultural Center, the INTERNATIONAL ARTIST-In-RESIDENCY PROGRAM, founded in 1995, allows artists from around the world a unique opportunity to reside and work as a resident artist in an atmosphere designed to stimulate personal vision and encourage new and exciting artistic expressions.

Seven artists spent four weeks living in a music school near Balatonfured Hungary, a beautiful resort town on Lake Balaton (a few hours west of Budapest). The residency is is run by Hungarian born, world renowned painter Beata Szechy, founder/director.
A link to my photos at the residency.

January 02, 2013

The "About" page for your website

Fancy Shrimp

The "About" page on your website acts to demystify who you are and why you do what you do, as well as sharing your accomplishments.  It is a page of sharing who you are and what your about.  Focus in on what inspires you, where it takes you and why.

I just did mine after having a website up for over ten years.  I simply forgot that it was necessary, for I had the "Bio" page and thought that would be plenty informative.  But recently I read in one of my art magazines about the relevance of the "About" page.  Mine is about my passions, what inspires me to paint, where I would like to go with it.   You can view this new page at:  CallieArt - About

The Fancy Shrimp image is on the page with a few other pieces relevant to the topic, the sea.   I speak of my passion and use back-up support of the work itself for emphasis.

Happy Abouting!  ~ callie