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January 11, 2013

Artist Residencies

An adventure like no other.

It is a huge thrill to be accepted into an artist residency.  The competition is fierce and getting out of work to spend a month creating art full-time is no easy feat to accomplish.  But is it worth  a shot, if accepted, it will add to your life's experiences.

An artist residency is a truly wonderful way to meet other artists with like minded creative vision and passion.  I wish I can spend my life going to them.  Always a challenge in one way or another, and you walk away with life experiences that you could not have anticipated.

That is me with the founder/director, Beata Szechy.

The Hungarian Multicultural Center, the INTERNATIONAL ARTIST-In-RESIDENCY PROGRAM, founded in 1995, allows artists from around the world a unique opportunity to reside and work as a resident artist in an atmosphere designed to stimulate personal vision and encourage new and exciting artistic expressions.

Seven artists spent four weeks living in a music school near Balatonfured Hungary, a beautiful resort town on Lake Balaton (a few hours west of Budapest). The residency is is run by Hungarian born, world renowned painter Beata Szechy, founder/director.
A link to my photos at the residency.

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