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November 01, 2012

Flat Files, Pierogi Gallery in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Flat Files inclusion at Pierogi Gallery 2000 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a great honor.  The files are curated by the owner Joe Amrhein.  He also recently opened another gallery down the street called The Boiler.  They  have ten art pieces of mine in the files.  

What are flat files in a gallery you may ask?  People do ask this.  Art can not be up on the walls all the time, so they keep smaller pieces in a flat file system that anyone can come in and view.  You simply ask them to show you the file of an artist that they represent, and they will bring out there work for you to go through.  You then put on white gloves, hopefully, and get to thumb through the actual artwork available for purchase.  So go visit Peierogi and ask to see the file of: Callie Hirsch.  

While in Williamsburg also visit the Artists & Fleas, a fantasticly artistic fleamarket.

177 North 9th Street  Brooklyn, NY 11211
9th and Bedford, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L or M  to Bedford

The Boiler
191 N. 14th St. Brooklyn