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April 25, 2015

Swimming with your dreams

Snorkeling in the sea of your fantasies, floating as if in space, having your dreams actualized, this is how our realities should be.

Selling on Etsy! A how to guide...

You spend so much time creating, your apartment is filling up and walking space is now between piles, perhaps it is time to venture into making money with your art.  Etsy makes this a very easy venture.  First, photograph your art using idealic backgrounds.   Then create a blurb which really sells your art.  Come up with great list of tag words, these are searchable words that describe what your selling.  When people shop on Etsy they put in search words, so the more tag words you come up with, the more visible and your art is which improves the chances of your art coming up in the listing.  Below are my new listings:

tag words: eye glasses case, pouch, black, rubberized, waterproof...


Rubberized eye glass cases, with attached cleaning cloth.  Each one has it's own unique painting, and signed on the back.

These are small notebooks, with unique paintings on both sides.  People want to see the object as a whole, so be sure to photograph all aspects of it.

CallieArt on Etsy

Good luck!