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July 08, 2012

And now for something completely different...

Enter, the world of skateboarding energy. I got on my first board when I was thirteen, but then fell on my chin and thought that was it. I need all my bones intact.  I refused stitches and still have the scar to remember those days by. Now, thirty-four years later, my passion is back, but in a different fashion. Decks now serve as my canvas. I love the shape, the potential, and the adrenaline just waiting for action. 

While traveling in London, I did a photoshoot of a skate park under the Tate Modern. Boys in school uniforms were hanging out with the street skaters.  I was mesmorized by the grafitti, the skaters and the idea of creating boards to evoke the moment of action. Above are two of the resulting boards inspired by this environment.

Featured in the on-line zine: MungBeing

July 05, 2012

MTA Arts for Transit, Artist Callie Hirsch

Come out to the Rockaways, NYC! Take the A train to the S, get of at 105th Beach Station. See art all along route. Each stop has been newly renovated, public art installed.