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October 21, 2012

Back to Creating Textiles

Squid Scarf, 2012

How does a designer get picked up by a textile company, like, say Hermes?!  Ok, I am reaching high, but I would love to design organic images for there products.  I have been to there stores, in both NYC and London.  I think I have an understanding of what they are about, the quality and prestige they present. 

But whom do you send your portfolio to?  I know there are shows in NYC where buyers come to see designers work, but are there other ways? What other companies use freelance designers?  Anyone out there with experience doing this and an understanding of how it works?  Please, share.

October 06, 2012

A is for Australia

Sound of the Didgeridoo

A continent infused with 30,000 years of history, a mysterious land of inhospitable landscapes and deadly creatures roaming by the thousands. It is the only place with kangaroos, the koala and most other marsupials of the world. Australia has both of the world's monotremes (egg-laying mammals), the platypus and the short-beaked echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus) and the long-beaked echidna (Zaglossus bruijnii), also known as spiny anteaters.  The Aboriginals are most famous for their "dot paintings" and didgeridoo playing.  Aboriginal art is one of the oldest art forms in the world.

Some creatures are deadly to the touch, can kill you upon ingestion, or can grab you out of nowhere, and without any warning, for you to never be seen again.  These things do happen; they are not just what movies are made of, but they happen infrequently.  Let us take the creatures of Australia as an example of some of the natural dangers in the world today.

Here are just six of the deadliest creatures living today in Australia, the box jellyfish, the taipan snake, the salt-water crocodile, the blue ring octopus, the stonefish (possibly the most deadliest fish in the world), and the red back spider. 

Australia has about twenty of the top most venomous snakes in the world.  The amount of poisonous spiders ranks pretty high as well, but with the invention of antivenin, people no longer die from these bites if treated right away.  Even the platypus has a barb above it’s rear feet, used by the male during mating season to fight off other males. 

Now back to the sea and it’s magnificent ways of enticing humans to enter it.  We look at the crystal blue calm waters off of Australia’s beaches and the desire to take a swim overwhelms us.  But if these waters have no large reefs present, then the currents can be deadly to swimmers. Powerful rip currents, rip tides and shore breaks can quickly bring you out to deeper waters, or create panic in a swimmer when fighting against them.  Now what if it is box jellyfish mating season? The Australian Box Jellyfish, scientifically known as the Chironex fleckeri, and ranked among the most venomous creatures in the world.

Shark attacks on the rise in areas that used to be safe to swim, why this occurrence?  This is due to the break down of the marine ecosystem that used to provide food for these creatures.  So they follow the food closer to the shores.

But a visit to Australia is a must, for with proper precautions; you can see the greatness and beauty of this infamous Island without so much as a scratch.  Box jellyfish season is Oct. thru April, where they move to calm waters for feeding.  Crocodiles do not like to hang with humans, stay out of the mangroves.  Most creatures, unless provoked, will avoid you.  As far as sharks are concerned, follow some basic rules, do not swim at night, while you are bleeding, do not feed any animal, and follow all warning signs posted.