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September 05, 2016

Cemetery Creatures

An early evening stroll through Green-Wood Cemetery, NYC, displayed an above normal array of animal life.  Below are some of the creature sightings.  Typically I see and hear frogs, geese, and turtles.  This particular evening was filled with ground hogs and young raccoons running around in search of food and water. The monk parrots are always found here, they have a huge communal nest on the Gothic entrance of the cemetery, on 25th Street.

Enjoy!  Callie Art

August 17, 2016

Feast of Lights, Oil Painting Commission 2016

Feast of Lights
2016, 48" x 40" Oil on canvas 

This series was created as a commission for a risk management firm in the Wall Street area, NYC. Designed to have a calming affect, with a stirring of anticipated excitment.  They are in the drying phase, soon to be delivered to the company.  

Unwarranted anxiety about how they will be received swells.

August 15, 2016

Fantasies in Textile Art

Fantasies in Textile Design
by CallieArt

I wish I could break into the textile art scene.  The how to go about it is what baffles me most.  I have spoken to people who think I have already made it, I have not in my mind.  I can do the designs, and win some contests, or donate designs to my local cycle club for them to design a shirt with, but how does one actually get picked up from a company to have a line created?

I have sent my ideas to puzzle makers and scarf companies, and have looked into mass producing a line on my own. But you really need to sell it somewhere, creation is just one step. I did once sell a design concept to Yeshiva University for a scarf creation, that worked out very nicely.  I have had a painting used for a book cover, and designed art for the MTA subway station.  I have the bug and desire to do more.

The idea of taking art and transposing it in yet another level intrigues me. I will continue to push the piece, take it in different directions to see just how far it can go. Hopefully I will catch a companies eye and be asked to create a line in my style. Until then, persistence and playfulness ensues.

Below: Gunk Cyclists wearing CallieArt shirt.

June 27, 2016

Koi Study, by Callie Hirsch

I will never forget the first time I witnessed Monet's Stacks of Wheat Series.  It showed me the relevance of doing a study on one subject.  To really meditate on the visual and see just what it has to offer.  Below is my Koi Study.  Their beauty and mystery is captured and frozen in time beneath.

Taken over a series of visits to the Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.

April 16, 2016

New Works on Paper, 2016

No Gray Areas, 2016, 9" x 11" acrylic on hand made black paper.

Nerves Unfurling, Reconnecting

Recent surgery left me tired and hardly able to paint for long periods of time. Working at home on a table, the following works were created. As the weeks went by, my hours at the table grew.  This series kept my spirits up and the tv off.  I call it the Recovery Series, or on my website: Nerves Unfurling, Reconnecting.

Nerves being cut greatly assists with recovery, it keeps the pain manageable. but then they start growing back, reconnecting, and at times, misfiring.  The sensations are jarring, it makes you really ponder the body's healing process. The twitching lessens, the feeling of normalcy returns, and you are happy to be of healthy body and mind once more. These paintings reflect the moods I encountered while waiting for the sense of normalcy to return.  Patience is what I was told I needed, I think what I really wanted to hear is that I would return to a normal state, that my recovery would not forever scar me and leave me misshapen.  I wanted re-assurance.  Art making allowed me to leave my body and just be in my mind, to forget for some period of time what I was going through.  Of course in the end the body pulls us back in.  The fight of mind over body can only be sustained for but so long....  For sale on Etsy,

December 20, 2015

Open call to sculptors

Robbie Gordon is looking for sculputors to add to his LA outdoor gallery.  I visited with him on my way to my new gallery in Palm Desert.  A stop off in LA, via Route 1, gorgeous.  If interested, please go to his website and see what he is about & how to contact him.  Would certainly look good on your resume to have your sculpture represented in LA, and Robbie is very fair with his commission fee.

The gallery in his home is reserved for his art, which is in abundance.  He is quite the passionate artist.

November 28, 2015

Artists, Best Business Practices

Small Biz

Send Out Postcards

Callie Danae Hirsch, 43: Paintings

Web site:
Studio: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Day Job: Telecommunications analyst at New York University

What works: "No one is going to make your career for you. As an artist, you need to get your work out there to the public. I send out postcards for all my shows, and people seem to collect them. I update my own Web site, put together address lists, and do the postcard designing myself. I also show in non-traditional places. My work was featured in the luxury furnishings shop ABC Home in New York City, in celebration of Earth Day. I also enter juried shows constantly and participate in artist residencies, which afford me time to concentrate on my art."