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August 24, 2013

Winning Awards at Shows

Dreams of being a successful artist...but what does success mean?  Is it making a living on just your art, with no day job to wear you out? Or does it translate into winning awards, getting shows and being in museums?  What do you think of as success when thinking about a career in art?  Where you woud like to see yourself and your art in five years from now?

The following is my dream future.  It would be wonderful to be part of an art community, to be surrounded with like minded people who understand and can relate to what it is like to be an artist. To be able to share the art viewing experience with others, to open possibilities of going in new directions thanks to hearing what the potential buyer wants in a piece.  It is very restrictive to paint in isolation, if you want growth in your work, then open yourself to other's thoughts and ideas.  You can pick and choose what you want to take from it.  Showing your work and sharing with friends and associates opens up a dialogue, gets people interested in your work.  Everyone has a different way of seeing, hearing how others see your work can be a true education.   

Another dream would be to collaborate with others to enrich the joys of art making.  Being a painter, it would be so incredible to combine my skills with a dance troupe and perhaps do the background to a performance piece.  Or work with a landscaper to create a painterly backyard scene using colors and plant textures to create a landscape painting of a different kind.

Belonging to art associations or groups keeps you in touch with what others are exploring.  I belong to two, the National Association of Women Artists, Inc, and The Pen and Brush, Inc.  They put on a few shows a year, which members can apply to.  The next show to have my piece on left in, is listed below.

Title: Feeling Trapped, iridescent acrylic on black cotton etch paper.
Winner of the Eve Helman Memorial Award for Works on Paper.

NAWA 124th Annual Member's Exhibition
The Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Art Gallery
417 Lafayette St, 4th floor
New York City

Show reception: Thursday, Sept. 19th, 2013

The show is open now and runs thru Sept. 28th, 2013