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March 15, 2009

Tough times, easy measures..

I am told it is a tough time to make money on artwork, ok, then it stands to reason that it is not a good time to spend money on advertising my art either.  So how do I get my work out there to be seen?  Find free publicity to showcase your artwork!   

I have had several people find work on my site and ask to use an image on a book and magazine covers.  It provides great exposure, at no cost to anyone.  I also contribute to a monthly zine called  I enjoy waiting on the new theme annoucement each month and being part of a collective.  During the winter holidays I sent out postcards with my work on it to a list of magazine art editors.  From that I received interest from a new magazine, LX magazine. They are doing an article about my work to be published in May!  I found the magazine in my gift bag from an art auction fund raiser I donated a painting to.  To sum up, reach out and offer the world your work, and enjoy the wonderful responses!

A writer friend who I met at a artist colony in Costa Rica, just came out with a book about the "In -N- Out Burger" food chain.  It is all about the history as well as the family behind the first burger joint to invent the drive-thru and two way speaker box.  This friend needed publicity shots to be taken for her book tour.  I did two photo shoots in barter for her networking abilities.  She also a writer for Business Week and included me in an article on artist survival techniques.  Barter, barter, barter, is my mantra.