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November 28, 2015

Artists, Best Business Practices

Small Biz

Send Out Postcards

Callie Danae Hirsch, 43: Paintings

Web site:
Studio: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Day Job: Telecommunications analyst at New York University

What works: "No one is going to make your career for you. As an artist, you need to get your work out there to the public. I send out postcards for all my shows, and people seem to collect them. I update my own Web site, put together address lists, and do the postcard designing myself. I also show in non-traditional places. My work was featured in the luxury furnishings shop ABC Home in New York City, in celebration of Earth Day. I also enter juried shows constantly and participate in artist residencies, which afford me time to concentrate on my art."

November 15, 2015

A visit to the Tentacle Exhibit at the Monterey Aquarium, CA

The show was amazing, so many tentacle creatures to experience.  The octopus unraveled at the flash of my infrared beam on my camera.  I adore the cuttlefish, and they had them in abundance.  I was delighted to witness two cuttlefish in a mating dance ritual, it was simply incredible.

 Mating ritual!
I was in a trance watching the sea life in action.  They had to kick me out at closing time.

Please help to save our oceans, vote to save our planet when considering a president this election.  Life is not about money, it is about the continuation of life, help keep our planet healthy.

 ~ callie