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May 07, 2010

Show at White Rabbit, NYC!

All welcome to come to the reception on Friday, May 14th from 6 - 9pm! Good art, drink specials and fun tunes, what could possibly go wrong?

White Rabbit is a funky bar a door down from The Sunshine Landmark Theatre on Houston Street. It is located in my fav, the East Village. My co-worker, Richie, told me that his friend's friend had a show there. (By the way, Richie is the sweetest guy!) He liked the space, so I wrote the owner. The owner checked out my website and said he would love to have me show my art. He put me in ctouch with his curator and we worked out the details. Turns out that another co-worker grew-up knowing the owner of this place. My city is such a small world.

A few days later Richie and I went and had a beer there. I photographed the walls to see how my work would fit. I do not fill out the space as much as I would have liked, but since most of my smaller pieces were done on found wood, it is all I had found.

Hoping to have a wonderful turn-out the night of the reception. Spending lots of time working on the music selection for three to four hours of entertainment! Maybe I should have been a dj, this seems to be my favorite part. Come if you are in town!