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October 29, 2013

Village Life, France

Here are some photos to prove that I did in fact leave my studio from time to time.  On our way to an art exhibit in nearby town:

October 27, 2013

Open Studios at Le Couvent, France

My last night, and our gallery opening!  Laura installed in the Couvent gallery, my show was in the marvelous barn gallery.  Pretty impressed with the turn out for a small town in the middle of southern France.   Many thanks to both Sergio and Lyne for creating such a fantastic residency experience and being so sweet.  Both were very hands on and wonderful!  ~ Callie
On left, Lyne Bouy Jou

Canadian street performer, Dawn MonettteSydney-based installation artist Laura HuntSergio Piterbarg (founder of Le Couvent), and me.


 Sergio, local artist Gerard Marty, and Le Couvent web designer

Thank you! ~  Callie

October 25, 2013

Last day at Le Couvent, France

Today is my last day, our show is tonight.  Lyne is busy making the food, wine has been purchased, and I went off for a hike with Dawn.  Visiting cows, walking through  farm lands and the woods, fall is felt in the air.  It is warm and breezy, feels like a summer day, and it is approaching the end of October.
Below are shots from my last full day in Azits, France.  Enjoy!

October 24, 2013

The spooky side...of Le Couvent

The following are photos taken in the building I am living in.  It is a couvent, residing next to the church.  Four floors and an attic, Sergio hopes to turn it all into artist work space.  A neighbor invited me into her house today, it had a jail house, next to the church.  She kept as much as she could intact and poured her love into that house.  It came with it's own barn, as all houses do here, and walnut and apple trees.  She grew up in this town and returned to it at age 65.

The couvent has it's spooky side, but it also is a wonderful environment to work in.  I present to you, Le Couvent, in the town of Auzits, France: