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October 18, 2013

Oct. 18th, Visit to Sauveterre, France

Spent the morning painting, then Sergio and Lyne took us artists to a town in Aveyron, Sauveterre, known for the medieval architecture, then off to a gallery opening.  "Ranked among the most beautiful villages in France, the Royal bastide Sauveterre knows conquer the visitor in search of beauty, serenity and authenticity. Off the beaten track, the medieval city founded in 1281 by Guillaume de Vienne and Macon, representative of Philip III the Bold, holds many secrets. 
The 47 arches of the central square, the streets of his neighborhood checkerboard its walls, carved doors, houses with wood sides illustrated reliefs will tell you the history of this site several hundred years old and yet alive!"  

After a bit (a glass of wine), we did very well in socializing with the artists giving the show.  One artist was a transplant from England, I conversed with him best (my English is phenomenal).  Outside the gallery they set up a table with food and wine, and a man was roasting chestnuts on the quaint, tiny street.  He then brought them in to share with everyone, a wonderful taste of fall.   A bit of French culture was had.  (click to enlarge pictures)

Le CouveNt, Auzits - Artist Residency

The artists, Laura Hunt from Australia, Dawn Monette from Canada, and me.

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