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October 24, 2013

The spooky side...of Le Couvent

The following are photos taken in the building I am living in.  It is a couvent, residing next to the church.  Four floors and an attic, Sergio hopes to turn it all into artist work space.  A neighbor invited me into her house today, it had a jail house, next to the church.  She kept as much as she could intact and poured her love into that house.  It came with it's own barn, as all houses do here, and walnut and apple trees.  She grew up in this town and returned to it at age 65.

The couvent has it's spooky side, but it also is a wonderful environment to work in.  I present to you, Le Couvent, in the town of Auzits, France:


Joyce Davis said...

WOW, I'm speechless!!! What beautiful photos.��

Doris PLC said...

Hello! The pictures are really nice!
I want to apply for an art residency as a singer, can you give me a little more details about Le Couvent and your experience there.
Thank you so much!
Oh, and can you tell me about the weather too? I´m mexican and I´m thinking I might freeze.

Callie Art said...

Hi! It does get cold, but dressing in layers helps. They give you a space heater for your room and have hot water. But the other spaces, for rehearsing can get chilly.
I loved it there. You are able to easily hike around the little village, the folks running the place are super nice, and it really allows you the time to focus just on your work. It helps if you drive a standard car for grocery runs.