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October 09, 2013

Another Day at Le Couvent, Auzits, France

Today I took the car, a standard, out for a spin in the countryside.  My navigator, Laura, the artist from Australian.  We got lost several times, her phone, with GPS, had a water incident, so we were without a map.  Did we let that stop us, not at all....

We found neither the gas station or food (both very needed).  Apparently they shut down from noon to 3pm.  We did get postcards and stamps, at two different locations, use a public bathroom and actually found our way back to the counvent.  I admit, I stalled the car more then a few times, I did some amazing k-turns, and did not get us killed.  I am really an excellent driver...

Here are painting and photo diary updates:

The church, or my take of it!

Out my window...

This is the view out my studio window.  I saw some tourists walking around yesterday, and I thought, wow, I am staying at a place that people come to sight see.  I get to experience actually living in that place!

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