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October 13, 2013

New Small Works, at Le Couvent, 2013

 Not quite ready to start another large piece, so working on ideas....they are getting a bit weird, not sure what is going on in my head...I will figure it all out, I will.

Alice's Surprise

Monkey's Head

Good day for painting.  Still rather chilly out.  Maybe tomorrow will be about finding a sweater in the small town nearby.   We have been watching movies at night, on my computer.  So far, Queen Christina, then Harold and Maude, and last night we saw the horrible film from 1982, Liquid Sky.   Have not seen it since it originally came out, takes place in NYC.  It was quite awful, I think I fell asleep while watching it the first time, with my cousin Patti.  I am hoping to see Life of Pi, Laura has to work on downloading it.

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