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October 05, 2013

I begin my to a artist residency in France

Le CouveNt, France...

I am off for a three week art experience in Southern France.    Le CouveNt, is located in the french southwest region of Aveyron.  I will be there with two other artists, a performance artist from Canada and a installation artist from Australia (also a musician).  Hopefully they speak language skills are not the best.  

My days at the residency will be filled with completing my child's book about octopus and creating a new book, the theme, a secret at this time.  I will also go back to a previous theme, The Tree Series.    

If technology works in my favor, I will post photos as well as share my experiences in France on this blog.  So fingers crossed, gearing up for an inspiring adventure!  

~ Callie

Le CouveNt is a creative space dedicated to music, visual arts, writing, multimedia and performing arts. 
Its mission is to promote contemporary artistic practices and the exchange between artists and co-creation projects that connect different creative processes.

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