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October 19, 2013

Learning to Juggle, France

One of the residents, Dawn, is a juggler from Vancouver.  Today I had my first ever juggle lesson, what I learned is that picking up the balls off the ground is a tremendous workout on your legs.  For dinner we walked down the hill to town, and then back up the hill, my legs are in shock for I had been sitting and painting for a week and a half.

Dawn and I were out photographing dilapidated buildings today and a man invited us into his house.  He was born in this house (it was built in 1773), but he now lives in Toulouse.  He was very sweet and the house was incredible, such a period house and with such interesting fixtures, like a brass water basin with spigots.  Enjoy today's photos.
(click on photos to enlarge)

Dawn's studio, a barn with a full stage!

A visit to a home built in 1700's

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