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April 24, 2009

Get noticed!

Association of Women Artists, Invited Member, Inducted 2007

I always belong to one artist group or another. It is a way of meeting like-minded people, and getting into shows consistently. Association of Women Artists is a wonderful organization, if you are a woman. They have four or five shows a year, at different locations, with a juried application process. Every town probably has a group similar to this. The need for showing art is everywhere, so it makes sense that their is a venue to support this need. I also belong to the Rockaway Artist Alliance based in Fort Tilden, Queens. It is right on the water, on Government property, and is a fun get away for any Brooklynite. It is through this group that I heard of the open call from the MTA, Arts for Transit commission. I also belong to New York University's Administrative Management Council's art committee. We are in our 11th year of showing and sharing, the artwork of NYU administrators.

You can not underestimate the value of networking and should pursue opportunities that give your work public exposure, because being seen is half the battle. Selling is a whole other story....

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