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December 06, 2012

The Giant Octopus, Spain

This photo was taken at an aquarium in La Coruna, Spain.  They had this amazing tank outside with maybe six giant octopuses swooshing around.  I could have stayed there forever, in awe of their every movement.  My travel mates, not so much, they were anxious to move on.  We had much to see, land to travel across.

More photos from this octopus series can be seen on my site

We started in La Coruna and traveled North to San Sebastian, land of many tapas "pintxos"bars.  Located in Spanish Basque Country.  Simply a delicious place to unwind and make new discoveries.

To view more photos of this fantastical journey.

Traveling is so very different from my 9-5 work life.  It is incredibly wonderful to have the opportunity to get away and explore how others live, experience the many different cultures, and learn to depend on yourself and others for survival.

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