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November 11, 2013

Life of an Artist

Life without Fantasy

How does one adjust to the daily rigors of being an employee in a job void of art, after feeling the freedom of being an artist for three weeks straight? How does one get/create a job in the arts field?  It is so competitive that really you need to create the job you want.  Setting up a table at a flea market, starting your own gallery or creating an art show.  You need to have a vision, faith in yourself and a good business sense.  Create a life worth living, become the person you most envy, or simply try and redefine who you are and where you are at.

Life has many secrets, and no secrets at all.  We meet people who wax and wane in friendship, loyalty and tolerance.  We have family that we love, and love to feel trifled by.  We create relationships that define us, give us balance and bring love into our souls.  We are constantly changing, re-evaluating, and adjusting to new conditions.  Strong, hard working and dedicated, we plow forward with the energy and gusto of a sloth in heat.  Sometimes fast, sometimes in a slow, crawling and slug like pace.  We are the masters of indifference for self preservation.  Our love drifts and we move to another, always in need of a inspirational being, the muse.

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