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February 16, 2014

More art in hospitals!

Thoughts on art in places of crisis.

Which of these would allow for relaxation and give you a sense of calm - cold white walls kept empty for easy cleaning...or thick warm carpets with richly colored paintings on the walls?  

How often are we sitting in a hospital looking for any distraction to take our minds off the pressing issue at hand?  Hopefully never!  But if in such a situation, and you were able to zone out for a bit, it would certainly replenish your spirit and provide the needed break to gain some calm and clarity so needed in such situations.  Being able to relax for a few minutes in a crisis situation allowing for  clearer thinking would be unequivocally beneficial to a care giver or patient.  

Art allows for such a distraction, it is a pathway for daydreaming.  Looking at an image can bring a flood of thoughts, allow for escape from the reality you are presently in, and can give you a moment of tranquility.  Do you play it safe with Monet, O'Keefe or Kadinsky?  Recently I was in a children's waiting room and they had some very lively and colorful Miro's up.  They were playful line drawings and really added an element of lightheartedness to the room.

In our lives we need to create environments of peaceful existence.  Be more aware of the space you create and how it affects you, and others.  We have the power in shaping the mood and feel for the places we inhabit.  Nurture your mind and soul with outer peace.

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