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August 15, 2016

Fantasies in Textile Art

Fantasies in Textile Design
by CallieArt

I wish I could break into the textile art scene.  The how to go about it is what baffles me most.  I have spoken to people who think I have already made it, I have not in my mind.  I can do the designs, and win some contests, or donate designs to my local cycle club for them to design a shirt with, but how does one actually get picked up from a company to have a line created?

I have sent my ideas to puzzle makers and scarf companies, and have looked into mass producing a line on my own. But you really need to sell it somewhere, creation is just one step. I did once sell a design concept to Yeshiva University for a scarf creation, that worked out very nicely.  I have had a painting used for a book cover, and designed art for the MTA subway station.  I have the bug and desire to do more.

The idea of taking art and transposing it in yet another level intrigues me. I will continue to push the piece, take it in different directions to see just how far it can go. Hopefully I will catch a companies eye and be asked to create a line in my style. Until then, persistence and playfulness ensues.

Below: Gunk Cyclists wearing CallieArt shirt.

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