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February 25, 2017

The show! Imago Galleries, Palm Desert CA

My trip to Palm Desert for the reception at the Imago Galleries was wonderful!  The gallery itself is amazing, and I had not realized last time that it was right off the main street in town, El Paseo. From the parking lot you view a yellow hanging Dale Chihuly piece in the tower window. It looks like a museum.

I was seeing the work framed up for the first time, it looked incredible.  Leisa, the gallery director, did an amazing job with placement of complimentary art around my work. The art was being displayed on your walk out to the galleries backyard.  The fire table was in full flame, the rain had ceased and the night air felt clean.  This city girl was thrilled to be out under the desert stars taking in just how far her art had come. 

Photo credit: Lisa Bunin

Jay describing the dynamic flow of energy in the piece.
Reflected in the glass is the artist, her mom, and cousin Lisa. 
Thanks to Lisa for taking over camera duties during the reception!

Pool with Chihuly boat in backyard.

Backdoor leading to gorgeous outdoor space.

Art patron with Callie

Thank you for your viewing!

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