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April 18, 2008

For those starting out as a emerging artist...

Some advice:

Create a buzz about your work.
Get a website and update it frequently.
Send out postcards to any show you are in - is a good source for inexpensive cards of good quality
Go to artist residencies, experience what it feels like to be an artist full-time.
Find galleries that show work like yours, send them postcards to your shows, keep in their radar, send them an introduction packet about your work.

Get involved in neighborhood art clubs, get some shows on your resume and some experience in dealing with the entry requirements, costs involved, and packing your artwork up correctly. Enter juried shows in your area.

Show that you care about your work. Artists are said to be the greatest cause of harm to their work, be it because they are more into the creation and less into the finished piece, or that they know they need to let go of it after creating it for sale purposes and are trying to detach.

Speak passionately about your work
Learn how to describe it
Be the best, most unique in your field
Be different, be daring.
Stand out of the crowd
Sell for the same prices in and out of the gallery
Discounts are ok
Be reliable, keep your word, be trustworthy
Network well
Know the gallery you are approaching
Always plan bigger!
Have different sized work, collectable by all
Generate excitement about work
Be more money aware!
Visit galleries you want to approach
Sell on ebay, don't worry about being famous
Go to auctions, see the hype...feel it, demystify what it is about.
Learn to frame work. Learn about spacers and how to use hinges.


glo said...

Great info...very helpful! Thanks so much!!

Stacey Moore said...

Thanks so much very helpful :)