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April 18, 2008

The work at ABC Home is up!

At first the process was slow, I sent my tree series to the owner, months later I heard from the art director that they were indeed interested in showing my work, a little while later she came to my studio to pick out possible pieces for the show, then quiet....and yet April, as talked about as a Earth Day celebration, was the planned time for hanging. I had framing to do, five pieces and it turned out I had two weeks to do it. I got it done in a week in a half in Brooklyn, at Frame It on 3rd Ave and 25th Street, I highly recommend them, and then arranged with ABC to pick up the five framed pieces along with two large oils and found out that they would not be insured until they reach the store. So I wrapped all the work up as best I could and begged the van drivers to use as much care as they could muster up for the journey. The truck was enormous and only had one couch in it. But would the couch move during the drive and crash into my work? One would think that might occur under the circumstances and Murphy's law...but no, all arrived safely and then even survived being hung several different times. Now they sit quietly in beautiful display on the second floor of ABC Home, at B'way and 19th Street.

They are up until May 20th and the store is worth the visit.

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